It is the day I head home from Villa Azurra, Gary Null’s retreat center in Mineola Texas.  It has been a busy two weeks helping folks from around the country and world begin, or continue, their paths to healing their body, mind and spirit.  Many people had miraculous healing breakthroughs and some are just beginning to see that to change their ways of eating, exercising and viewing the world can make for a more fulfilling  life.

As I contemplate heading back to Colorado and the snow that has fallen this week, I am pondering what home really is.  Is it the physical place where one lives?  Is it the house, apartment, the condo?   Or is home in your heart?  Does home mean your physical surroundings, the people in your life, your “stuff”?  Or is home your soul?  It seems to me that our true homes are our hearts and souls but we have forgotten that and have gotten stuck in the notion that home is the place that we cook our meals and lay our heads.  What if we remembered that we carry “home” with us wherever we go?  How would our lives be different?  Would we look at the world differently?  Would we be less fearful?  Would we be more apt to step out of our comfort zone knowing that no matter what happens, we are always “home”?  It has been said that we are “souls having a human experience”,  we are truly always at home if we but take a breath and listen.



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